Contemporary Coastal Colors

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

July 14, 2020

Color can make your space more inspiring, refreshing, and relaxing. You don’t have to look far for your inspiration, as South Florida has an incredible palette.

We have the vibrant blues and turquoises of the water, bold greens of foliage, the soft warm hues of sunsets, the neutral earth tones of the land and coast, and splashes of bright color from plants and animals.

The following pieces offer you an equal variety of similar colors to elevate your home.


The Himolla Aura is not only impressive in terms of its form, comfort, or versatility—it’s also available in a number of colors ranging from eye popping orange, to to neutral tan, to deep maroon. This allows the Aura to complement a range of spaces whether they’re neutral or bold.

The Indy Dining Chair comes in a variety of cool and calm colors that stay neutral and darker. The option for two-tone color schemes, and a variety of bases, make this chair easy to add to your space and its restrained palette is ideal for setting a serene mood.


The stylish Moonstar Lineare has a substantial and inviting form. In its default white it creates a neutral yet stylish impression, but other colors for fabric and frame can make it a standout in any space.

The spacious Adalyn Comfort Sleeper offers plenty of seating and a very modern appearance, with straight and regular lines embellished by steel legs and arms. A massive array of colors for leather and fabric options makes this a highly versatile piece, perfect for pairing with any palette.


Modern, magnificent and minimalistic, the round Myles Dining Table is absolutely stunning, with a beautiful expansion mechanism that offers a futuristic element. With bold chrome finish or painted legs, and a selection of tabletop materials and finishes, this dramatic table sets a scene.

Storage is stunning with the 36e8 Sideboard, which presents a gorgeous profile. With a galaxy of color, finish, and material options that can be freely mixed and matched during configuration, this piece can be as unique and beautiful as you can imagine.


Create strong visual interest with the bold Prismatic Seaglass Rug, which uses a blend of texture, color, and high-quality materials to dazzle the eyes.

Add some serenity to any space with the understated Gaius Carpet. Neutral earth tones and pleasant aquatic shapes make for a calm impression, and a silk/wool blend extends the soothing effect to your feet.


There are many ways to capture the colors around us. Once your walls are papered or painted with the dominant colors, versatile furniture can complete the impression. Contrast creates a dramatic and energetic impression, and complementary colors create a serene and unified one—whichever impression you choose, your home will be beautiful and may enhance your mood and wellbeing.

Find the coastal colors that speak to you by virtually touring our showroom, visiting in person, or browsing online!

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