Get the Look: Contemporary Accessorizing

Accessories complete the visual impression of your home, they’re like the pearl necklace on a little black dress. We love whimsy in accessories, fun and charming, but minimal as well. Unless you’re displaying a collection, the goal with accessories is to avoid cluttering. Whenever an accessory brightens the room, makes you smile, or charms you, you know you have the right piece.

Contemporary furniture can be a little challenging to accessorize properly, so we want to show some unique options to spark your inspiration.

Roomy Rugs

Rugs are an excellent choice for accessorizing, they add color and texture.. Rugs offer a lot by treating the eye to beauty, and the feet to comfort, and helping to dampen the sound in open rooms.

The Dinine Collection features rugs with a unique and engrossing pattern of abstract forms, evoked by hand-knotted features in the weave. A number of color and pattern options make it a versatile collection with a truly artful appeal. Carefully crafted quality materials make these rugs sumptuously comfortable.

The Lucent Rug prominently features a dyeing technique that gives it a vintage look, softening any room and creating a rustic, peaceful atmosphere. Natural bamboo fibers are hand knotted into a pleasant background pattern, and an elongated rectangular shape make these excellent in narrow spots or in front of storage and display furnishings.

We love the Prismatic Seaglass Rug, from the wonderfully comfortable texture of its high-quality fibers to its ability to create a sense of depth and its vivacious colors. This lovely rug has the color variety to breathe liveliness and excitement into any space, and the luxurious materials to match.

Artful Touches

Climbing Man is a really fun wall accessory that hangs a climbing figure from a length of chain. Representing our drive to advance, succeed, and climb to new perspectives in all aspects of our lives, this is a dynamic and positive piece that’s artful, fun, and unexpected.

Bosa’s Domsai are very fun and cute pieces that combine a bipedal base that strongly resembles human legs with an irregularly-shaped glass dome that fits snugly to encapsulate your choice of small items. These playful designs come in a number of colors and finishes and are excellent homes for small succulents, tiny cactuses, or even candles.

The Swoosh Sculpture is a classic art accessory. Depicting gold swooshes over a serene marble base, the Swoosh adds a classical touch of beauty to any space, and makes an excellent piece for a bookcase, console, even as a centerpiece on the coffee table. Paired with flowers, it’s a stunning counterpoint to more natural forms of beauty.

The Spice of Style

Whether they’re flat on the ground, hanging from the wall, or gracing the surfaces of your home, accessories can really make the contemporary home complete, and their varied forms can add interesting touches that make you smile or satisfy your yearning for beauty. If you’re feeling inspired, Sklar has just the accessories for you!

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