Common Mistakes To Avoid When Decorating Small Spaces

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

January 12, 2018

A lack of square footage doesn’t mean your home has to be bland. Good décor doesn’t discriminate by size. Small spaces simply require careful thought because every inch matters. No matter how many smart storage solutions you incorporate, you’ll still have limited space. This is where professional hacks, tips and clever furniture ideas are useful. Here are the top 3 common mistakes we see when decorating small spaces, and furnishing ideas to consider for your home.

Capitalize On Natural Light
Natural light is a small space’s best friend, so it’s important to bring in natural light whenever possible. So how does one decorate their windows? By opting for sheers and shadings instead of curtains. Sheers and shadings create a beautiful effect with diffused natural light instead of blocking it. Sklar only carries Hunter Douglas window treatments because they’re top of the line in terms of beauty and innovation. From Hunter Douglas we suggest the Silhouette ™ which filters harsh lighting or Pirouette ™ which allows for enhanced views outside while maintaining privacy. Overall, if natural rays filtering into your space are limited, be sure to keep your paint hues and dominant furniture colors light. This will brighten the overall mood of the room, and trick the eye into imaging a much larger space.

Fixes In The Bedroom
One of the biggest mistake we see people making when decorating a small space (bedrooms in particular) is using too many “small” furniture pieces. Cramming items into a room will only lead to an unusable, squashed space. As such, it’s important to find the right pieces which tick the boxes of style and practicality but consider they might not, necessarily, be small. For the bedroom consider the oval Giulietta Romeo Nightstand by Reflex Angelo. It provides storage in a slick, compact and multifunctional drawer that moves independently. While the Graffetta Side Table from Glassisimo is an eclectic piece with two storage surfaces and drawer compartments for extra storage.

Mirror, Mirror On The Wall
Never underestimate the power of mirrors. They can double the visual space in a small home as well as reflect light and color to add visual interest. Placing mirrors on opposite walls from your windows to reflect and spread light also helps to expand a space. The Stati D’Animo Mirror by Tonelli is not only a mirror, but the perfect example of a piece of art that experiments with the effects that angled mirrors have on light. It’s unexpected reflective surface along with its large mirrored panels on a wall also make it look like additional windows.

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