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April 24, 2020

We pride ourselves on offering great contemporary and modern furnishings, decor, and design. At Sklar Furnishings we can offer a blend of functionality and beauty, which is why working with commercial projects is right up our alley. When we do Commercial projects, they have a very different feel from the kind of interior designing we do for residences.

When a business wants or needs to renew its spaces, they will reach out to design firms. There are many reasons for redesigning, from improving aesthetics and making a space more welcoming, to adding functionality, or updating. We feel that in today’s world, we will see changes on Social Distancing within the workspace. Changes in the landscape of a business can be very challenging—and rewarding!

Commercial Work: An Overview

Commercial work means designing for many people. This means there are a lot of variables to plan for. Public spaces also tend to have regulations and standards, and that affects which flooring, fabrics, finishes, and materials we can use. The durability of pieces used also becomes important depending on how many people will be using the space. We focus on aesthetics with residences—in commercial settings we also consider purpose.

Our process with commercial work is similar to other design work: we evaluate a space, create a floor plan, and come up with concepts which we present for approval. Communication is crucial to the process as normally many people need to approve the concept. Organization is also key, as everything has to be approved and planned before we start—down to the smallest details.

Commercial spaces are as personalized as residential, Sklar’s approach is curated to make the most of the space, maximize functionality and appeal, and ensure that each project is unique.

Past and Present Work

We have worked on a lot of Commercial Projects. One of our favorites was working with the women at the Junior League of Boca Raton. They came to us needing to update and refresh their lobby. We were able to create a relaxed space utilizing neutral colors and at the same time create a space for “Selfies” as well as showcasing the Donor Wall.

Currently we are working on two other lobby projects. The first is a total redesign for the lobby for the Casuarina condominium in Highland Beach, for which we are creating an updated sparkling and elegant impression. Our second project is furnishing the common areas for our partners, ALINA Residences.

Designing for All

Commercial work really hones a designer’s ability to think big while still focusing on the smallest details. The need for these spaces to serve many people forces the designer to consider durability as well as attractiveness of materials and pieces used. The extra demands on communication and purpose mean we have to think through everything.

Good commercial work is challenging, but also very rewarding. The fact that many people will be able to use and enjoy the space, and interpret its aesthetics differently, is very inspiring. There’s no satisfaction like the moment when a space is completely designed, double checked, and ready for use. Please visit our General Contractor partnership website here.

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