Comfort in Motion Furniture

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

August 25, 2020

Furniture that supports us properly can make a big difference during a normal day and a vast difference when we’re worse for wear. Motion furniture moves in such a way that it supports the main parts of the body to reduce pressure and enhance comfort, and it can be very helpful for those who struggle with physical limitations or general weakness, and can even aid good posture.

For many years, the words ‘motion furniture’ summoned images of bulky, blocky, and aesthetically unappealing pieces, but that’s far from the truth nowadays, as the following pieces prove.

Magnificent Motion

The Verona Sofa Sectional by American Leather is a classic sectional with plentiful seating, comfortable luxurious upholstery, and some surprising features. Headrests and footrests can be activated to allow for a comfortable reclining position—with a state of the art mechanism that’s smooth and travels at the ideal speed. This durable sectional is great for living rooms and absolutely ideal for theatre rooms.

While not strictly motion furniture, American Leather’s Cloud Comfort Air Chair features a weight balanced mechanism which makes sitting in it an absolutely smooth experience. The mechanism allows this chair to move with your body to keep you comfortable in any position without resistance, as if it were custom made for you. Gorgeous design and plentiful upholstery options support aesthetic potential as well.

We often bring up Himolla’s Aura Chair around the Sklar offices, we love how unassuming it is. You’d think it was just another beautiful swivel chair with a high back, but then it transforms into a comfortable, supportive, fully-featured recliner in seconds. In terms of comfort, it’s about as good as anything we’ve experienced, and the style opportunities are vast and fabulous as well.

Bracci’s Smart Sectional is another powerhouse sofa with seating for everyone and luxurious upholstery, as well as supportive motion features. A modular design allows this sectional to fit any space. Memory foam enhances comfort while the reclining feature is motorized and easy to control. This sectional features a chaise that moves forward, a feature unique to the Smart frame.

The Divine Motion Sectional from Planum is visually stunning—it’s got a complex appearance but is simply delightful as seating. A motion feature allows the seat to move along with the head and footrests to ensconce you in comfort. A modular design means that everyone can be seated, reclining, and comfortable together. The Divine’s styling is a unexpected and abrupt, just right for a more avant garde space.

Choose Comfort

Motion furniture is a great investment—with the home taking on new importance these days, a little extra comfort will go a long way. Also, for those who struggle with strength or posture issues, the extra support is a definite advantage over stationary furniture.

Feeling the motion? Browse our motion furniture selection online, get in touch with our experts, take a virtual tour or come in person to the Sklar showroom, which we’re keeping safe for visitors and staff.

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