Change It Up!

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

January 13, 2015

Our store is filled with accessories, silk plants, artwork, sculptures, decorative pillows and collectable glass. Many times our customers buy product exactly like we show it on the floor and when it is delivered wonder what is missing. The sofa and chair look spectacular but not quite complete.

Leave it to our Design Team to put the finishing touches to the room.  And many times it is no more than adding a fabulous fur pillow or a colorful piece of hand blown Borowski glass to make the room sing.  Accessories are the jewelry to your outfit or the parsley on the dinner plate.  They make something good look great.  In fact many times the accessories not only pull the room together, they anchor it and they are the items that your guests are drawn to.

Accessories are so easy to switch up that with a small budget you can change the look dramatically and look like you have done a full makeover. Think about a black dress – you wear it with pearls one night, a red military jacket with gold buttons the next night and the third night with a sparkly silver shawl and rhinestones everywhere.  No one is looking at the black dress. 

We love to take a neutral color sofa or sectional in the store (white, cream or grey) and do a complete look in different color ways.  The spa colors of aqua and soft blue give a very South Florida beach house relaxed look. The strong colors of red and black shout drama and South Beach/Miami Beach. Navy and gold give a nautical theme, and yellow and black are just plain fresh, strong and beautiful.

This color change can include an area rug, pillows, lamps and accessories or you can also take the plunge and paint an accent wall one of the colors to really pull the look together.  Do not be afraid of paint – even if you paint a wall black and don't like it, all it takes to get back to white is some more paint. 

So have some fun! If you aren't ready for a new sectional but you are for a new look pick a color scheme and go for it. You will be amazed at how inexpensively you can add pizzazz.

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