Casually Delightful Dining

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

June 26, 2020

Life has changed and so has the way we dine. More and more people are dining at home therefore your dining space has become an important part of your home. Whether you’re dining with one or more, the dining room should be an inviting and welcoming space.

Investing in a good dining table and chairs is crucial as it is equally important for comfort and wellbeing. Nobody wants to eat slumped on a couch or on a makeshift table.

Sklar Furnishings has comfortable and stylish tables and chairs that will fit any size home to make your dining space delightful.

Elegant Dining Tables

The Marathon Dining Table is a masterpiece of bold design: combining a striking base made of hardwood and metal elements with a large glass top for an effect that’s elegant and airy. Ideal for larger spaces, this roomy table can transform a dining space.

With an airy and abstract metal base, the Skorpio Dining Table is scintillating even before you consider its distinctive ceramic and glass top. This rounded top is rich in detail, evoking a clean cut stone surface.

The eye-catching Clessidra Table joins two conical sections to create a striking hourglass design topped with a round tabletop. Round tabletops are better for maximizing usability in tight spaces, making this great for condos.

The Sir Gio Dining Table has a very playful design, pairing a rounded and chunky thermoplastic base with a layered crystal top. Very old-school futuristic. A wide variety of colors and transparency finishes make this table versatile and a round top makes it ideal for smaller spaces.

Charming Chairs

The classic Concha Dining Chair blends comfort and style, presenting an attractive profile with a pleasing simplicity. A cloth-wrapped top set against bare wood legs creates a more traditional impression.

Uncomplicated and serene, the Belinda Dining Chair adds style to any space, with its rounded edges and wide legs. This chair has a reassuring solidity about it that can make the dining space that much more comfortable even at a distance.

The Velis Dining Chair is a highly elegant design with clean and flowing lines. Fabric and wood join seamlessly in this chair, and create a classic impression that makes it the perfect pairing for more traditional tables.

For the daring, the Lucky Dining Chair is a perfect choice. With a playful and funky design, this chair can make any dining space pop. Plenty of available base styles create a versatile range of expressions.

Tonight We Dine Well

It’s easy to take your dining space from dreary to delicious!

New chairs or a perfect table can transform your dinners, making them more inviting and welcoming for guests, and more usable for you. Round tabletops are ideal for small spaces, and the majestic size of rectangular tables are ideal for large rooms.

If anything above sparked your appetite for dining in style, please visit or virtually tour our showroom or browse online to see what we can do for you!

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