Captivating Coffee Tables

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

August 14, 2020

People gather around the coffee table for many reasons: refreshment, relaxation, and respite. No living room is complete without a coffee table that can be perfectly paired with couches and comfortable casual chairs.

Your coffee table is an excellent starting point and a natural centerpiece for the living room. The right table makes a space warmer, more inviting, and more functional. Oh, and did we mention aesthetics? There’s a massive variety of styles to suit any space, and here are some standouts that we are showcasing for you.

Terrific Tables

Let’s begin with the Myflower Table from Naos, a stunning blend of beauty and functionality. With three separate table tops that can be unfurled like the petals of a flower, this coffee table is exceptional for expanding when extra space is necessary. Crafted with chrome, glass, and ceramic, this coffee table makes a warm and playful splash in any space. Even better you get to choose the tops!

Oggetti’s Cubes Coffee Table features a clean, modern flat glass top with plenty of space for books, drinks, accessories, and company. What separates it from the competition is an incredible base with plenty of visual interest presenting an abstract and artful surface with different colors and textures. It’s a simple and functional design paired with a sophisticated and complex aesthetic, making it ideal for modern spaces. Art in the middle of the room!

If regular lines are too harsh for you, then Il Loft’s John Cocktail Table is an ideal selection. With a curvy and flowing profile, this table works best paired and gives an organic impression that’s casual and calm, capable of softening more angular spaces.

For smaller spaces, it’s hard to go wrong with Cattelan’s Sting Tables. These tables can be used singly or in groups. With sturdy steel frames and enough tabletop for one person, they’re ideal in sets of 5 to 6, so everyone has their own. Glossy marble-style ceramic tabletops create an elegant aesthetic to complete a more sophisticated living room.

Cattelan’s Amerigo Table comes in three sizes and heights, making it easy to pair two or three to create a parallel effect. With a broad round tabletop in brushed bronze coated steel, and a titanium coated cylindrical base, this table is stunning. You might even say it has no rough edges. A stylish and functional lip around the tabletop prevents rolling and sliding objects from falling off.

Turn the Tables

The right coffee table can make your living room inviting, cozy, and functional and create the mood and aesthetic you want. Far from just being a functional compliment to a sofa, coffee tables are a great centerpiece and can do a lot of stylistic work in a space.

If you’re looking to make your living room more functional and fabulous, starting with a coffee table is a great idea! If you’re looking for more great coffee tables, browse our online store, or even come by the showroom where we’re keeping visitors and staff safe.

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