Brilliance by Barovier and Toso

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January 21, 2021

Brilliance by Barovier and Toso

When it comes to lighting designers, one of the brightest lights is the historic company Barovier and Toso. For centuries, they’ve crafted brilliant glass designs while discovering and developing new methods of creating colors, textures, and styles of glass.

When it comes to lighting, Barovier and Toso are masters as well, blending contemporary styles with manufacturing methods developed over hundreds of years. World-renowned Murano glass is the cornerstone of many of their designs and their expertise shines through a variety of lighting, much of which is uniquely suited to the dining room.

The dining room is where we host friends and enjoy food, and the lighting should maximize that enjoyment. Let’s explore four wonderful fixtures from Barovier and Toso, and how they can establish a truly distinguished dining room.

Twins Chandelier

The wonderful and uncomplicated Twins Chandelier combines the raw beauty of the Twins Sconce with the sophistication of the chandelier, for an ideal combination of light and form. Opaque white cups diffuse the light perfectly, making it easy on the eyes as well as comfortable for them, and an ideal and distinctive addition to the dining room above your table.

Colimacon Chandelier

An inspired design that seamlessly blends metal and glass elements makes the Colimacon Chandelier unique and stunning. Whether in dark chrome or gold finishes, the adjustable metal arms look splendid, and the glass diffusers come in four different and breathtaking finishes, to complete a chandelier that truly brightens any space—but shines extra brightly in the dining room.

Perseus Chandelier

Bold and unrestrained forms make the Perseus Chandelier an exciting and energetic addition to the dining room. A chromed steel frame provides a sturdy base to a stunning combination of textures and colors in the glass, tipped with bright LED bulbs in gorgeous diffusers. Many color options allow this chandelier to suit nearly any space. If your dining room feels a little dull, this chandelier will make it feel dynamic.

Twins Sconce

The classic and elegant Twins Sconce presents two diffused lights on rope-like Murano glass arms. These subtle sconces are an ideal addition to the dining room, providing comfortable light and striking style in equal amounts, with a unique and impactful design that will spark conversations and make your dining room a distinguished space.

Brilliant and Tantalizing 

Barovier and Toso have had centuries to perfect the glass arts, and the pieces above are a testament to how far they’ve taken it. These masterful pieces add a beauty that’s hard to match and create a sublime statement that can make the dining room much more pleasant and beautiful.

Whether you’re hosting a dinner party or sitting down to enjoy a meal with your family, the lighting should support a wonderful experience that matches and even enhances your enjoyment of the food and company!

Like what you see? Let’s talk about how a Barovier and Toso fixture can make your dining room distinctly different!

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