Brand Spotlight: Brown Jordan

By Sklar Furnishings

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December 10, 2020

Brand Spotlight: Brown Jordan

The winter months always bring a blend of weather. No matter where you live, or what the temperature is, having an outdoor firepit is always fun! It is a place people can gather with each other and tell fun stories while watching the beauty of a fire as it dances in the sky! 

A firepit or fire table can help maximize our outdoor spaces and keep us comfortable when the winter chill sets in. Especially at night, nothing warms the soul quite like the dancing, flickering lights of a fire.

If you don’t want to deal with the ash, soot, and embers of a wood fire, the following fiery favorites from Brown Jordan provide the light and heat to comfort you without the byproducts of a traditional fire. Three fuel sources: bioethanol, liquid propane, or natural gas, allow for a clean burn.

Beautiful and Simple

Brown Jordan’s Urth fire pit is a great starting point, with a lovely form inspired by pottery, and a small footprint that makes it easy to fit into outdoor spaces. Paired with a bioethanol burner, it’s a clean burning fire pit that adds a lovely ambiance to your outdoors. Since it doesn’t rely on hard connections, the Urth pit can be moved freely, plus it’s made from a lightweight and durable composite concrete.  It just looks heavy!

Two in One

If you want something larger that’s more of a centerpiece, Brown Jordan offers marvellous fire tables, which are exactly what they sound like—fire pits with table elements. These low tables can be hard connected to natural gas or be configured to work with bioethanol or liquid propane for more mobility. To add to their desirability hey’re made from a light and durable composite concrete, with three finish options.

If you prefer literally gathering round the fire, the circular Kove is your ideal. Its low, rounded form encourages and invites a gathering. A gracious sized ledge offers plenty of space to put down drinks, snacks, accessories, and even dining plates.

The Solstice features a more squared and regular design than the Kove, plus it’s modular so two can be combined for extra capacity. With plentiful ledge space, you’ll still have all the benefits of a table and the warmth and light of a fire pit.

The Big One

For those spacious settings, the Equinox is exactly what you need. With a large tabletop and firepit on one end, plus the option to add a Solstice for extra space, this is Brown Jordan’s ultimate offering for gracious fire tables—ideal for large numbers of guests or even small dining settings, this fire table features the high-tech materials and fuel options that come standard with Brown Jordan products.

Gather Round

Fire tables and fire pits give us a great escape from the indoors when the weather turns chilly. Gathering around real flames feels warm and wonderful, especially when the sun goes down and the temperatures drop.

If you’re thinking about getting extra cozy this winter, let’s talk about how we can set you up with a firepit or fire table that’ll ignite an unforgettable season!

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