Brand Feature: Tomasella

Founded in 1948 by Luigi Tomasella, the namesake company Tomasella was fated for success as an Italian furniture producer. Fulfilling its mission of “looking back to the past to understand the future,” Tomasella focuses on innovation while respecting and maintaining tradition. In 2022, Tomasella is a thriving leading producer of Italian furniture, with a 100,000 square metre space devoted to producing high-quality modern and contemporary pieces for all spaces in your home. However, Tomasella has shown exceptional wardrobe craftsmanship in particular, so let’s explore some of their wardrobe-focused pieces on offer at Sklar.

Walk-In Wardrobe: Logica

The Logica Walk-In Wardrobe is a great choice for those looking to highlight their wardrobe while maintaining a high-class organizational system for all of their pieces. With specified areas to hang your dresses and button-downs, multiple shelves for bedding and headwear, and hidden drawers for your less fashionable pieces, the Logica has it all. Available in matte lacquered colors or a “mother of pearl” fabric effect, you can customize your Logica to perfectly match your aesthetic. Factor in the Logica’s gorgeous anthracite metal accessories and you’ve got a designer walk-in to match your designer wardrobe.

Athena & Replay Dressers

If you’re looking for smaller, more compact wardrobe storage, Tomasella has some great dresser options as well. The Athena dresser combines bold shapes and lines with multi-dimensional accents, resulting in a modern, staggered stripe pattern. With six spacious drawers, a wide top panel for decor, and a variety of materials and colors to choose from, the Athena is an eye-catching choice. If you’re looking for something more subtle, the Replay dresser is a strong contender. The Replay’s minimalist design makes it a great accent piece for busier bedrooms, complementing existing patterns and colors while providing dimension and contrast with its dual-toned coloring.  

Walk-in Wardrobe: Liberty

The Liberty Walk-In Wardrobe offers incredible shelving, clothing rails, and drawers with an industrial, masculine look and feel. With an entirely metal frame and oak shelving and drawers, the Liberty exudes luxury and class. Available in anthracite or chalk white metal, and lacquered, textured, knotted, or colored wood options, you can customize the Liberty to fit your specific tastes. The Liberty is the perfect opportunity to display your best suits and dresses alongside your designer accessories, all without detracting from the striking quality of the wardrobe.

Shop Tomasella at Sklar

With over 70 years of experience, Tomasella’s furnishings are an incredible addition to Sklar’s offerings. Whether you’re looking for a complete walk-in wardrobe revitalization or seeking smaller storage options like a dresser, see what Tomasella products we have in store at Sklar.

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