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By Sklar Furnishings

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March 13, 2020

Over 70 years of design excellence and material innovation have made Kartell a legendary company in the design world. Hailing from Milan, Italy, Kartell are masters at using the industrial process, and industrial materials, to create iconic furniture pieces such as the Louis Ghost chair.

We at Sklar are definitely admirers of Kartell’s creativity and craft. We also love their manifesto, “Kartell loves the planet,” which expresses their commitment to sustainable practices, as well as their intent to create only pieces which build value and resist disposability.

We’re proud to offer many remarkable examples of Kartell’s output, and we’d love to share some of our favorites with you:

Bloom Suspension Lamp

Industrial design, polycarbonate construction, and floral forms come together effortlessly in the Bloom lamp. Graceful and even a little playful, this lamp adds illumination and unique style to any space. Plentiful color and finish options allow this lamp to evoke any mood and elevate any space, blending or contrasting with other elements for a spectacular effect.

Componibili Storage Units

For over 30 years, the Componibili storage unit has graced countless well-appointed and attractive spaces, adding a fun and flexible touch. Available in round and square versions, with many color and finish options, this flexible unit can serve as an end table, night stand, nearly anything. It possesses a blend of style and usability that makes it ideal for the home or the office. 

Toobe Floor & Table Lamps

Maximizing the possibilities of the simple cylinder, the Toobe floor and table lamps are uncomplicated and stylistically solid. A minimalistic design in transparent plastic can be kept simple and clean, or made more playful and bold with smoked color options. A combination of the floor and table models is a great way to build unity in a room.

Invisible Dining Table

The Invisible dining table is a study in pure form, using single mold plastic and superbly clean lines to evoke the timeless shape of a table in a revolutionary design. Color and finish options expand the possible range of this table to exist comfortably or dramatically in any space, and it’s easy to keep spotlessly clean and attractive.

Victoria Ghost Dining Chair

Incredibly modern even many years after its debut, the Victoria Ghost dining chair is crafted from single mold polycarbonate. Evoking the shape of classic dining chairs of the past, but in the modern material of translucent plastic, this chair is fascinating when combined with the Invisible dining table, but is charming enough to work equally well on its own.

Gorgeous Simplicity

Kartell’s furniture possesses a stunning combination of style and simplicity. Matching their ability with the industrial process and genius design insights has enabled them to create timeless yet modern furniture that’s functional, fabulous, and fun.

Our Kartell product is 20% off until March 23, 2020, so we invite you to come by our showroom to get a taste in person, or browse our Kartell collection online!

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