Brand Feature: Il Loft

By Sklar Furnishings

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July 8, 2019

Il Loft, an Italian company located in Gallarate which is just west of Milano, was created in 1994 by Giorgio Saporiti after he had spent decades working as co-owner of Saporiti Designs and after he had spent 15 years collaborating with Ottavio Missoni on all kinds of projects.

The success of this brand hinges on the guarantee of quality mixed with fine and creative design. We have experienced this first hand – they are quick to respond to any request and eager to please any and all of their customers. The passion and love for color that has always characterized Saporiti’s work is so evident in Il Loft.

The factory is filled with a team of specialized craftsmen able to work with wood, plastics, fabrics and foam. They are able to bring to life all of the ideas that flow from the brain of Saporiti. No mean feat! His designs are daring and yet with his exquisite touch with color he manages to make his product flow and sing. One of his most famous pieces – the Super Roy Sectional – can be a snaking line stretching in a hotel lobby or a sophisticated two seater in your living room. Another piece with a beautifully simplistic style is the Mercury Sectional which fits in fluidly with your minimalist interior designed home. The application of different fabrics, textures and colors all on the same piece are what Il Loft is famous for. One of our favorites is the Flower Armchair – when you see this chair sitting in a room you would know the designer had wanted it to evoke the thought of a flower. The Tulip Accent Chair is also a gorgeous contemporary accent chair for your living room.

It is hard to imagine the talent that has created the catalogue that is IL Loft. Saporiti has been called an antennae for change – he is indeed always at the for front of what is new and what is classic. His mood boards are famous and whenever we receive one to demonstrate what is coming we can only wish all of our vendors were this efficient. We have a beautiful Il Loft gallery and are proud to say it will just continue to grow as we see the demand for the product grow.

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