Brand Feature: Gamma Arredamenti

There are few materials as versatile, gorgeous, and comfortable as leather; in the world of leather, there are few companies as capable as Gamma Arredamenti. Since setting out as a small sofa manufacturer in 1974, Gamma have set their sights on the upper echelons of the furnishings industry, and they’ve accomplished it with a focus on quality and craftsmanship.

To this day, all of Gamma’s pieces are hand-crafted in their workshop in Forli, Italy. The tannery Gamma sources from also supplies high-end automotive and designer handbag firms, putting them in good company.

From this background of capability, Gamma creates some outstanding pieces we can’t wait to show off!

Our leathers, which originate from Italy and Northern Europe, come from large bull hides and reach thicknesses up to 4.5mm—for a blend of texture, appearance, and durability.

Superb Sofas

Sofas were Gamma’s first passion, and they still design and craft unforgettable sofas in a wide range of styles, unified by their use of top-quality materials and well-drawn forms.

The imposing Edwin Sofa is a wonderful example of a classic and modern sofa design. Regular, straight-angled forms are combined for comfort and an uncomplicated impression, but interrupted by accent stitching and diagonally-split armrests that add some unconventional elements.

Likewise, the Gregory Sofa is a classic form with modern flourishes, giving a stable and sturdy impression with its spacious armrests and generous dimensions. Due to a modular design, the Gregory sofa is highly adaptable and customizable, with stylish and dynamic decorative elements.

The Cocoon Sofa has an inviting and minimalist design backed by a bare frame and leather strap supports for a more modern appearance. This stylistic flair is matched by a restrained elegance, sumptuous leather upholstery, and options for modular expansion to adjust to the precise requirements of any space.

Gamma’s Escape Sofa presents a daring and modern profile, using a leather-clad frame and supports to enable a modular sofa with exemplary potential. With its embrace of angles on a minimalist frame, this sofa definitely makes good its escape from the norm, creating a breathtaking and sophisticated impression.

Charming Armchairs

With their excellent track record in sofas, armchairs are a natural extension of Gamma’s prowess.

For example, the Cocoon Bergare Armchair, a delightfully cozy armchair that takes as its starting point the bare frame and leather straps of the Cocoon sofa, adding a swivel base for freedom and numerous upholstery options to suit any taste and comfort level.

The stately Luna Armchair features a rounded, pleasant shape inspired by the half moon and luxurious upholstery to make an inviting statement. A sturdy, solid swivel base and pleated elements round out this superb armchair.


Various color selections to choose from.


Made in Italy.

Legendary Leatherwork

Gamma’s focus on quality and craftsmanship, combined with their design ethos, has created a stunning selection of modern seating. Remarkable and timeless, their furnishings cover a versatile range of styles which show Gamma’s savvy and insight. Their simple values have fuelled a rise to prominence that saw a small sofa company achieve its goal of becoming world-renowned.

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