Brand Feature: Ditre Italia

Ditre Italia has been a favorite at Sklar. Their seating is always remarkable both in form and function. Crafting comfortable sofas and memorable armchairs, Ditre Italia balances comfort and style effortlessly, with their exacting manufacturing standards and attention to detail.

Since 1976, Ditre has worked with talented designers and committed builders to create unforgettable furniture with a focus on seating such as sofas and armchairs. In over 40 years Ditre has built a reputation for top quality manufacturing and a tailor’s exactness for creating a perfect fit. They’ve also kept innovating, and their latest launch is proof of exciting things to come.

Pure Breath

With Pure Breath, Ditre takes on the question of air quality. This air purification project is a result of collaborating with Anemotech, a startup specializing in air filters. Pure Breath is an innovative air purifier that works passively, scrubbing air without using any electricity, made possible with three layers of Anemotech’s filtering fabrics that disintegrate and capture allergens, dust particles, and chemical pollutants. The product itself is a simple panel that can be placed underneath a sofa, fitting for Ditre, whose output includes many remarkable sofas.

Superior Seating

Speaking of seating, this wouldn’t be a brand feature without a look at the designs that make Ditre so iconic.

With a classic design, generous cushions, and elegant legs, the Kris Mix Sectional combines the traditional look of a sectional with some Art Deco elements. A wonderfully inviting presence and profile are combined with a modular design that lets the Kris Mix fit perfectly into nearly any space.

A modular sofa system with classic aesthetic appeal, big upholstered seats, and an endless array of variations of fabric and form make the Blake Sofa an excellent choice for a traditional, elegant, and understated living space.

Ditre’s experience and design daring aren’t limited to sofas. The Marabù Armchair, with thick upholstery and a blocky body balanced wonderfully on a curved tubular frame, creates a unique yet inviting look. The Marabù has a substantial presence and comfortable construction, making it an excellent addition to graceful living areas.

Craftsmanship & Comfort

Ditre never fail to impress us with their intriguing designs, but we love the craftsmanship, passion, and skill that are infused into their pieces. The attention to detail and the options in terms of finish and fabric create a lot of potential for Ditre pieces, and they’re super comfortable and pleasant, helpful for creating a calm oasis in your space, and making it tranquil and grounded.

We’re eager to see Pure Breath and their next innovations beyond that, but we’re no less excited to see what designs they come up with!

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