Brand Feature: Cobra Art

Founded in 1983 by Mike & Jeannette van Rijswijk in the Netherlands, Cobra Art offers a vibrancy and depth in the art world that has never been seen before. A leader in the field of photographic art on plexiglass, Cobra Art, works in close collaboration with leading international artists and photographers. Turning beautiful photography, paintings, and other art pieces into plexiglass photography, Cobra Art has gathered a huge following worldwide. Their extraordinary collection is showcased in their art galleries in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Düsseldorf.

Characterized by a wide variety of styles like pop and urban art, artistic nude, and surrealistic, Cobra Art has something for every taste. All of their artwork can also be curated to fit specific rooms and spaces. So let’s explore some of their masterpieces:

Crushed Dollar: Announcing Abundance

Portraying a life of abundance, the Crushed Dollar by Cobra Art is a bold and flashy wall piece that is bound to make heads turn with its intriguing concept. With its three-dimensional features and fluidity, this piece feels as if it is peeling off a wall. When combined with other decorative elements, such as furniture and lighting, this wall piece can help to make your interior visually unique.

Audrey Hepburn Collage: Add Drama and a Feminine Touch

Art can be a powerful and transformative element in interior design, and it can help to set the mood and style of a space. The Audrey Hepburn Collage is an example of a gorgeous and eye-catching piece that adds visual interest and drama to a room. Styled like an art installation, the collage uses mixed media within a frame to create a wonderful work of art. Given the brightness and contrast of the piece, the collage adds a pop of color to your everyday living space. It could be especially more dramatic in a room with a neutral or monochromatic color scheme.

Marilyn Monroe Vanity Fair: Paying Tribute to the Icon

Characterized by an art deco flair and paying tribute to an iconic cultural figure, the Marilyn Monroe Vanity Fair painting by Cobra Art is here to add a sense of whimsy to your home. Refresh your decor with this exciting and inspiring framed plexiglass wall art, available in a range of dimensions.

Gazing Still: Intense and Intimate

Magnificently elegant, daring, and bold – Gazing Still wall art by Cobra Art is here to elevate your space. The use of a bare face as the subject of the piece adds a level of intimacy and intensity that will leave everyone speechless. The photo-manipulated artwork is a limited-edition painting by Igor Vasiliadis. Leaving a lot to the imagination, Gazing Still provides a taste of modern luxury in art form. 

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