Bouclé Fabric Bounces Back

Bouclé has recently been making its rounds in the fashion and design world, but this fabric’s origin predates its runway career; the trendy bouclé furniture of the 21st century owes its success to designer Eero Saarinen’s Womb chair of 1940!

Though Bouclé has waxed and waned in popularity, 2022 might bring this textured fabric back for good… and for good reason! In the design world, textured fabrics are leveraged to bring movement into the otherwise still presence of furniture. By making Bouclé your texture of choice, you get the perfect combination of comfort and aesthetic wrapped up in one cozy, welcoming package.

Let’s take a look at some of Sklar’s pieces that feature bouclé to highlight what this fabric can really bring to the table.

Aesthetic Armchairs

If you’re looking to introduce bouclé into your home, a vibrant accent chair like the Julep Armchair can help you accomplish just that. Combining modern and romantic elements with soft edges, the Julep Armchair brings a touch of femininity to any space. If you’re more into the minimalist feel, the Vela Armchair is a simple yet notable option featuring strong lines with a light, welcoming finish. Upholstered with the highest quality bouclé fabric, these armchairs make great textured pieces for the contemporary collector.

Soft Sofas

Ready to commit to the bouclé lifestyle? It might be time for a bouclé sofa. The Julep Sofa by Tacchini borrows classic, stylistic elements from the 1950s Avant-Garde movement while featuring high-quality bouclé upholstery. If you’re into that classic feel, the Dalton Sofa might be for you with its striking chrome finish and trendy bouclé upholstery. No matter which style you choose, a bouclé sofa is a memorable addition to any collection and a sure-fire way to elevate your home.

Comforting Clip

Ditre Italia’s Clip Sofa is another notable example of a modern designer taking advantage of bouclé’s comeback for the perfect contemporary sofa. The soft edges of the Clip Sofa combined with its minimalistic aesthetic radiate a timeless yet comfortable and welcoming appeal. Emulating carefully crafted sculptures with enviable customizability, the Clip Sofa brings simplicity and bouclé coziness to any space in a variety of custom colors.

Buying Bouclé

Bouclé’s reappearance in the design world will be a design comeback story for the ages. Combining comfort with couture, and texture with an elegant aesthetic, bouclé is the incredibly versatile fabric we didn’t know we were missing. 

Worried about giving up aesthetics for comfort? Don’t be! Shop at Sklar, and you can have the best of both worlds.

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