Benjamin Moore Color of the Year

By Sklar Furnishings

Markets, Innovations & Forecast

April 8, 2019

Pantone’s Color of the Year is not the only highly anticipated announcement every year. North America’s favorite paint and color brand – Benjamin Moore, gathers a lot of attention too and for good reason. Benjamin Moore is a big influencer in the design industry and it recently announced its Color of the Year 2019 as Metropolitan AF-690. The Metropolitan AF-690 is a stylish grey hue with cool undertones. With the two big announcements of 2019 Colors of the Year, the textile and manufacturing mills have already started to churn out products in Pantone’s living coral and Benjamin Moore’s grey shade. Come to think of it, the two colors work great together – the grey adds a certain coolness to a space which can be topped up with a splash of living coral color pop.

The Metropolitan AF-690 exudes effortless sophistication and beauty, while being comforting to the eyes. The color is understated yet glamorous. It’s not bold but balanced nevertheless, creating a soothing aura around it. Due to the color’s neutral spectrum, the calming grey can easily be blended into one’s contemporary or traditional interior design. The grey shade works well with other neutral colors as well as with reflective metallics. Easy to add to the kitchen, the entryway and work spaces.

Sklar Furnishings, a contemporary and modern furniture retailer, has some beautiful furnishing pieces in the complimentary color palette. The Alchemy King Bed would make a stunning and comfortable addition to any contemporary room. If making changes to the living room is more up your alley, then Eva Due Sofa and Sectional is the perfect modular seating option for your needs of comfort and keeping up with the color trends.

Keeping up with the yearly new trends does not have to be expensive or require an entire revamp. Look to make small changes by changing home accent pieces and adding in some new pillows and cushions like the Caymen Pillow which comes in a stylish black and grey shade. The Jackrabbit Silver Sculpture by Lunares is a gorgeous and fun example of a home accent piece in the trending color of the year.

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