Art of Accessorizing

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

July 31, 2018

Accessories have the ability to transform the look of a room, in similar ways that accessories accentuate and enhance the perfect outfit – they elevate the overall aesthetic while providing design cohesion and balance. Accents like side tables, poufs and mirrors give you the opportunity to balance out the flow of a room, while bringing in new opportunities for flair, color-matching and most importantly, fun! Interior design accessories allow for a great outlet not only for colors, but also patterns, themes, and textures too. Let your imagination soar, and your inspiration run wide on the smaller pieces. Accessories are low-risk design pieces that are easy to update or move throughout the home, as compared to the larger pieces that involve a lot of thought, investment and that might only be practical in one room of your home.

When it comes to accessorizing a home, there are some simple guidelines we love to consider which keep your spaces looking well crafted, considered, and uncluttered.

Create harmony – Harmony is a very important aspect in the art of accessorizing your home. The objects that you place together or create an arrangement with, should have something in common – the color, theme, shape, texture, pattern etc. There needs to be a unifying element to make the accessories work together. The Visitor Sculptures are a beautiful and creative example of creating harmony in the accessories.

Go abstract – Find the items that are fun and creative or let your imagination run wild with some abstract sculptures from the Alexander Krivosheiw collection at Sklar Furnishings. Alexander’s The First Kiss Maquette is a beautiful bronze piece that merges abstraction and representation. When you are considering bringing in some abstract accessories, make sure they make enough of a statement within the context of your room – a small object may have a powerful presence in a stark white powder room, but in a large space, think BIG!

Work with the palette of the room – What ever the color palette of your room is, make sure to follow the same when it comes to adding accents to the same room. The colors can be bold or subtle, but they should always work well with the other pieces of the room. If your room is painted in the hues of white, has white bedding, then adding these Quadrat Pillows would add the pop of color, while still being in harmony with the palette of the room.

Don’t limit to just sculptures and wall art – There is more to accessorizing than just using sculptures, wall arts and photo frames. Hopper Glass Bowl is a fun, colorful, and whimsical bowl that acts as a room accessory while serving its actual purpose of being a bowl. Similarly, our absolute favorite accessory category might just be pillows. Mix and match to your hearts content – pillows are fabulous ways to add a hit of drama to any space, and there are an unlimited variety of sizes and uses available. This past year, we added a substantial pillow section to the store, showcasing a vast array of options.

As you can tell, we absolutely love accessories at Sklar. Our interior design team are experts at coordinating new accessories into an existing space, or, when you remodel and outfit a room with new furnishings, we help you find those perfect way to complete the look. The art of accessorizing isn’t just fun for our clients, it’s fun for everyone involved to explore their imaginations, and different styles from around the world.

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