A modern minimalist home

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

January 23, 2019

Minimalism is a popular design philosophy and a way of life aiming at simplicity. Minimalism is also about showing constraint and achieving a better home design through simplicity of space, form,material and details. A modern minimalist home gives out an impression of soberness. However, soberness should not be confused with boring and uninviting. A minimalist home can be extremely welcoming and comfortable when the right details and furniture are brought into the picture. Small colorful accent pieces and presence of wood are some of the ways to add cheerfulness to a modern minimalist home.

How to approach a minimalist design:

Let storage do its work
The first step in achieving a minimalist design is to declutter. Look around to check if there’s anything that is out of its original place or things that need to be eliminated like stacks of paperwork and ongoing projects. In order to keep the surface clear give everything a special spot. The American Leather Uno Ottoman is perfect to store random things out of sight and keeping the surface clear.  

Create a neutral base
Subdued hues are what makes a classic minimalistic interior. The neutral colors give out a feeling of freshness and a sense of calm amidst all the chaos. The minimalist designers are big fans of an all-white room however by adding a yellow undertone, it will give the white paint a creamier warmer appearance. Natural light also plays an important role in designing a modern minimalist home. If a space gets a lot of natural light, a cooler shade of white should be used on the walls to balance the illumination and feeling of warmth. If all white is not your thing, use color pigments that are easy on the eyes like earth-ones of tans, browns and greens.

Strategic use of different textures in similar tones
A modern minimalist room might feel bland or cold if it’s not complemented with the right accent pieces. Blankets, throw pillows, and rugs add a comfort factor to the otherwise monochromatic room. Make sure not to mix too many materials,colors and textures. Use the colors that blend well with the base color. Beige, tan and dove-gray go extremely well with a white base. The Erin Armchair in its beautiful tan color is the perfect example of minimalist furniture that goes well with an all-white layout.

A minimalist home is all about keeping it simple,decluttered,and toned down. Take one step at a time and create a space that is beautiful, warm and inviting.

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