5 Sustainable Options from our Showroom

By Sklar Furnishings

Markets, Innovations & Forecast

April 11, 2016

There is an increasing amount of awareness surrounding sustainable, eco-friendly products. Our showroom has a growing number of options for those looking to make an eco-conscious decision when furnishing their home.

Here are five of our favorite sustainable choices:

1) The Catalina Bedroom Set is manufactured by Vermont-based Copeland furniture, a family business focused on creating sustainable furniture made out of natural hardwoods. Copeland’s designs are influenced by Scandinavian and Craftsman style furniture but many of their pieces, like The Catalina Bedroom set sport an extremely modern twist. The bed’s minimal legs elevate it to a level that makes it seem as though it is floating. Its sleek finish is GREENGUARD CERTIFIED, meaning it meets a strict chemical emissions test.

2) The Connection Dining table from Huppe is a piece we found irresistible as soon as we saw it in the market. It’s Canadian made, with a footprint close to zero. Its legs are made from a grainy wood and slightly splayed, softening the look of the table, which has a metal tubular frame. The tabletop comes in either wood or glass.

3) The Linea Bedroom Collection also from Huppe, has a modern European feel. The fabric finish of the headboard gives it a softened look, but its metallic legs provide this modern bed an added touch of cool. The matching dresser and nightstands have a boxy shape, with clean lines that let the grain of the wood stand out in contrast with its metal tubular legs.

4) Chamcha furniture is made from the Acacia tree, a plant that grows extremely quickly, allowing it to replenish itself rapidly, making chamcha furniture a sustainable choice. The Chamcha Wood Console retains the likeness of the Acacia tree, with its distinct wood grain and tree-like appearance.

5) Dream Weavers are a brand we feature in our showroom that makes rugs, throw blankets and pillows from recycled materials like nylons, silk ties, yarn and elastic. They deliver an eco-friendly, stylish choice all at once.

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