5 Italian Pieces That Will Transform Your Home

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

July 17, 2019

At Sklar Furnishings, we source the finest of Italian furniture from internationally acclaimed vendors. From the artistic designs of Reflex to the colorful philosophies of Il Loft; our Boca Raton showroom houses the latest and greatest furniture trends from Italy. We have chosen 5 Italian products that will transform your home. It’s time to experience a taste of Italy!

Michelangelo Kind Bed
The Michelangelo Bed is a sight to behold combining a beautiful design with the utmost comfort. This piece showcases true Italian flair that we have all come to adore. Renowned for comfort and excellence internationally, Conte is considered an industry trailblazer in the manufacturing of high-end mattresses and beds. The imposing Michelangelo bed can come in fabric or leather and has a base created from brown ash. With an anchored headboard in multilayered wood and padding, the Michelangelo King Bed is a masterpiece in design.

Tumidei On/Off Alcova Wall Unit
This fantastic unit houses not only your precious belongings, but can also entertain guests with its integrated seating options. The On/Off Alcova by Tumidei is a stunning Italian wall unit that is designed with precision. It is ideal for living spaces that serve multiple purposes such as a living room with the need for a small desk or home office, or den which also functions as a guest room. This unit from Tumidei suits every occasion and is the perfect companion for contemporary styles in the home.

Borovier and Toso Perseus Chandelier
Borovier and Toso is one of the oldest companies in Italy. They began glass blowing in 1295 and it is still owned and operated by family seven centuries later. They create unique lighting pieces that withstand the changing trends that come and go. The Perseus Chandelier made from Murano glass creates a show-stopping breathtaking presence in any room!

Ditre Italia Cut Chair
Ditre Italia illustrates its Italian craftsmanship with this sleek leather chair. It completes your contemporary living room. The outlines on the chair reveals comfort contained in a shell shaped piece, interrupted by the passing stitches that interrupt the vast volumes. The chair is a modern design icon that emphasizes the brand’s unique Italian detailing and style. The Cut Chair is available in a range of colors and fabrics.

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