5 Fresh Furniture Trends in 2019

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

August 27, 2019

As the year continues, new trends in contemporary furniture and design keep emerging. Since creativity never sleeps, we at Sklar are always looking for fresh ideas in interior and exterior design. We’ve noticed five trends and evolutions that caught our attention and provided you further insights below.

Trend #1: Matte Finishes
While touring furniture markets, we noticed a decrease in high gloss and increase in matte finishes. Matte surfaces make a good contrast for polished metal and bright acrylic elements, and can bring a sense of balance to bold or busy rooms. The Aria Table by Aleal in Matte Grey Eucalyptus Frise caught our attention as an excellent centrepiece for dining rooms. Other illustrious modern designer furniture companies like Il Loft and Reflex have also been exploring matte finishes.

Trend #2: Blush and Yellow Accents
Blush is a bold yet diffuse, bright yet restrained shade of pink. Paired with various yellows, blush makes for a playful and refreshing accent that can enhance a variety of spaces. Whether these unlikely colors are paired as accent furnishings or decor elements, they’re popping up quite often this year, and give us hope for a brighter, more colorful future.

Trend #3: Memories of Green
We had heard hints of green making a big return for furniture and decor. It’s a calming color with plenty of shades to suit any mood or space. We kept our eyes open for gorgeous greens, but didn’t see them prominently. However, green is making a return in fashion, which could mean a return in the coming year. The 36e8 Sideboard from Lago is an exquisite example of what is to come.

Trend #4: Modern Outdoor Furniture
Everyone is familiar with rustic outdoor furniture, or outdoor pieces that are more functional than stylish. This is changing, as designer outdoor furniture is exploring more modern styles. One of our favorite examples is the Vondom Suave Sofa, a rounded and elegant modular sofa that’s resilient enough to live outdoors, but would look equally at home indoors.

Trend #5: Bunching Small Tables
Another remarkable trend we noticed is the bunching and mixing of small tables, alone or with poufs—we couldn’t think of a greater way to display your taste in a greater variety of textures, styles, and materials. One perfect combo is the Kailua Writing Table and Maxi Footstool, from Ditre Italia. It’s a functional and flexible combination, and wonderfully stunning in person. Another inspirational design comes from Glassisimo with their Ragno Coffee Table. A beautiful accent piece that works well individually or in sets at varying heights.

At Sklar, we’re always keeping an eye out for the next big trends, wherever they come from. It’s a responsibility to our customers, but also a perk of the job, to be constantly exploring for great ideas, creative concepts, and refreshing styles. Like what you see? Explore our website or come visit the Sklar showroom in Boca Raton for much more.

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