4 Beautiful Ways to Put Your Accessories on Display

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

December 9, 2020

4 Beautiful Ways to Put Your Accessories on Display

Accessories can change your home from drab to fab by adding artful touches of personality and spirit to the decor of your space. Displaying accessories effectively is a matter of placement and prominence, but it also comes down to the furniture you choose.   Accessories that compliment your furnishings make them shine!

Dappertutto Exhibitor Bookcase 

With a simple and transparent glass design that’s on castor wheels for full mobility, the Dappertutto Exhibitor Bookcase is an excellent choice not just for books, but for displaying accessories. Functional and stylish, this bookcase can work well in just about any space, with one of four sizes perfect for different spaces. The shorter size can accent a hall while the full height unit is an ideal addition to the living room. Clean and regular lines ensure that this dapper unit never steals the show!

Arches Shelving Unit

The modern and dramatic Arches Shelving Unit is a standout in its own right, with gleaming chrome arches, an asymmetrical design, and seemingly floating glass shelves. This piece almost goes against the grain of the rule that furniture shouldn’t outshine accessories, but paired with the right kind of dazzling accessories, or bold flowers, these shelves can play a supporting role—and add a little drama of their own. A blend of transparency and solidity make these shelves ideal, and the way the top two shelves jut out past the arches creates a natural showcase.

Air Storage Wall Unit 0439

Despite a mouthful of a name, the Air Storage Wall Unit 0439 is a perfect blend of understated design that offers plenty of storage and display options. Shelves appear to float on their glass supports, allowing free play with light and providing plenty of prominence for your accessories. This effortless blend of materials makes for an airy impression that really allows decor pieces, art, and other contents to shine!

Madrid Console

Sublimely simple, and dramatically poised on steel supports, the Madrid Console is an elegant addition to any room. Flexible, functional, as well as beautiful, this console provides a large uninterrupted surface for displaying accessories, and a small footprint that makes it an easy fit for many spaces. While it’s eye catching in its own right, it draws the eye towards accessories and embellishes their impact.

Subtle and Stunning 

Accessories are so important to design.  Making the most of them is always a simple process when the furnishings help to showcase and highlight them. While a stunning piece of furniture can amaze and delight, the right accessories add that personal touch.

As the four examples above show, while the furniture displaying accessories shouldn’t overwhelm what’s displayed, it can still be stylish and attractive. Keep the focus on the fine details, and the rest will follow!

Inspired to find new, stylish ways to display? If you didn’t find your style above, then browse our consoles, wall units, and shelves online!

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