2017 Interior Design Trend Forecast

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

December 29, 2016

The dawn of a new year, with all of its optimism and thoughts of renewal, is a great time to reassess your interior design and begin phasing out those pieces that are feeling a little dated. Design experts are predicting a wide range of exciting new trends for 2017 in the worlds of color and materials.

Color authorities are predicting two major trends this year; the resurgence of jewel tones and the emergence of intriguing new neutrals. Rich, emerald green is perhaps the most surprising appearance on the color radar, with several major brands predicting a wave of greens in paint and upholstery. Pantone’s color report for spring 2017 includes two neutrals – Sharkskin and Warm Taupe – plus a vibrant green called Lush Meadow and Bodacious, a rich purple. Sherwin-Williams has named Poised Taupe, a neutral that falls between warm and cool, brown and grey, as their color of the year, while Benjamin Moore are predicting dark, theatrical walls; their color of the year is Shadow, a dusky purple that makes a spectacular backdrop for all kinds of colored and metallic accents.

As far as materials go, watchwords for 2017 include romantic, low-tech, unplugging, raw. Dulux are predicting what they call “BioCentric trends in decor”, defined as natural or naturally inspired looks. Wood surfaces emphasise the grain and leather features basket weave patterns to better display its inherent qualities. The abovementioned jewel tones happen to look fantastic in velvet, so look out for plush upholstery that begs to be touched. Dark wood looks set to replace light nordic finishes, and raw edged stone is going to be big. Other surprising predictions coming from multiple sources include the return of cork (on walls, not so much on floors) and terracotta (on floors, not so much on walls).

Not for the first time, futurists are predicting that overstimulated humans will want to switch off and retreat into private, low-tech, offline spaces within the home — think libraries, reading nooks and window seats. Modular furnishings will become more popular, while open-plan houses and apartments may be declared passé in favor of more traditional home layouts, with closed-off rooms that offer greater privacy and peace. Continuing with the theme of comfort, upholstered headboards, especially those with tufting and/or buttons, are looking like a major bedroom trend. Keep up by opting for eye-catching velvet or textured leather.

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