18 Years of Sklar Furnishings!

Celebrate with us and enjoy store-wide savings on select brands! The Savings Start Now!

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Anniversary Sale - logo-american-leather-188x94-1
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Anniversary Sale - logo-fjords-188x94-1
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Anniversary Sale - logo-ligne-pure-188x94-1
Anniversary Sale - logo-linie-design-188x94-1
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Anniversary Sale - logo-nuevo-188x94-1
Anniversary Sale - logo-oggetti-188x94-2
Anniversary Sale - logo-peressinicasa-188x94-1
Anniversary Sale - logo-pianca-188x94-1
Anniversary Sale - logo-potocco-188x94-1
Anniversary Sale - logo-reflex-188x94-1
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Anniversary Sale - logo-trica-188x94-1
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Speak to one of our dedicated team members.


6300 N. Federal Hwy, Boca Raton, FL

33487, USA [North Of Yamato]


Mon–Sat 10–6, Sun 12–6.

Evening hours by appointment only.


I-95 Southbound

Take Exit 51 at Linton Blvd. Head East until North Federal Highway then turn right. Continue south for approximately 2 miles

From the Florida Turnpike heading South

Take Exit 81 at Atlantic Blvd. Head East to North Federal Highway. Turn right onto SE 5th Ave and continue for 3 miles, just past Enfield St

I-95 Northbound

Exit at Yamato Rd. Head East then turn left onto North Federal Highway. Continue North for approximately 1 mile just past Forsyth St.

From the Florida Turnpike heading North

Take Exit 75 at Glades Rd. Head East to North Federal Highway then turn left. Continue North for approximately 2 miles

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