Modern Green Living

By Sklar Furnishings


March 1, 2014

Today, architects are focusing on green construction; the idea is to maximize on the use of daylight, saving water and other conservation techniques. Just as construction is going green, so is interior designing and furniture design. Eco friendly furniture need not mean only utilitarian or boring items.

Anyone who is interested in green living will find a lot of contemporary, stylish and functional furniture that can add value to a home and save the environment. Traditionally, furniture has not been very eco-friendly. A large percentage of it is made from wood but in the past, this did not pose to be much of an issue. Old time furniture was meant to be long-lasting and used to be passed through generations. 

The Change

All of that has changed now and people like to be in-sync with latest trends and opt for low-cost furniture, which they can change more often. The materials used in most modern furniture are not eco-friendly and mass production means excessive use of energy and resources too. Elaborate packaging for the furniture adds to the problem and all of it goes straight to the landfills. Most of this furniture also comes in from abroad and the mileage that is added to deliver the furniture to stores and to their final destination increases the carbon footprint. 

Best Practices

Eco-friendly furniture is manufactured with materials and methods that have a minimum impact on our environment. The wood is acquired from renewable sources and the chemicals are largely harmless and non-polluting. Using minimum resources and manufacturing them within the country, makes them eco-friendly. This furniture may also be made from recycled items and these are the ultimate in green living. Creating something unique, stylish and new from unused and discarded items is a great way of helping our planet stay green.

Join the Movement

The rubbish stays out of the landfills and also reduces the use of energy used to create furniture from virgin resources. Wood cladding, railway sleepers and floor boards are materials that can be effectively used in the manufacturing of recycled furniture. Sklar Furnishings has been at the forefront of this movement and we have a great variety of eco-friendly furniture.

Creating stunning and innovative furniture designs is our forte and we also have eco-friendly furnishings made from local materials for all the high-end furniture we craft.  These can be used to update soft furnishings and creating spaces that look amazingly attractive and are eco-friendly to boot. 


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