Living Large

By Sklar Furnishings


October 25, 2014

Great contemporary design comes in all shapes and sizes. That’s particularly good news for many as urban centers are growing faster than their suburban counterparts.

Driving the changing numbers are waves of empty nesters seeking to downsize, as well as young professionals following opportunities in the job markets. Both groups are in search of the vibrant lifestyles cities afford, with easy access to public transportation, culture, restaurants, nightlife and more

The trade-off, of course, for people living in urban environments is that space becomes limited. Maximizing it in the most stylish and efficient way is where contemporary style’s emphasis on design innovation, function and performance really shines.

“We specialize in furniture that is compact and multi-functional and we can offer alternatives for people who have spatial problems that they didn’t have, say, 10 or 15 years ago,” says a Contemporary Design Group member devoted to providing shoppers with practical solutions that are easy to live and work with.

Short on Dimensions, Big on Style

When space is at a premium, every inch counts. Know what you’ve got to work with and be prepared to share the information with a design consultant. It’s helpful to go to a store with rough dimensions of your living space, Most Contemporary Design Group showrooms offer free, in-home design consultations and will gladly take the measurements for you, eliminating any guesswork in the process.

The next order of business is to determine how you want to use the area you have. Often, when space is limited, a room serves more than one function. Do you want to sleep in the space, or will you need to accommodate overnight guests? How about dining and entertaining?

Like Clark Kent ducking into a phone booth and emerging as Superman, many of today’s innovative furniture designs are quick-change artists that can smoothly segue from one function to another. Imagine a glass-topped extension table with leaves stored inside the table. When a longer dining surface is called for, the leaves roll out and pop up into place, then tuck back in when the party is over. Or, a coffee table on rollers with a lift top that easily morphs into a movable dining area then shifts back out of the way.

Storage invariably remains an issue for anyone living in a small space. Thankfully Contemporary Design Group design professionals have more than a few tricks up their sleeves to maximize available space. They can use vertical space by moving up the wall with bookcases and wall units that act as room dividers. Or, they can create a bedroom where none exists with sleeper sofas that are comfortable enough to sleep on every night, and find additional storage opportunities with beds that feature deep drawers hidden beneath.

Contemporary Design Group members are great sources of information and offer smart design tips for the spatially challenged.


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