Home Office Conversion Made Easy

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

March 27, 2020

With everything happening in the world today there is a shift in how companies are doing business. More people are now working from home and we see this as a trend going forward. Home offices can be hard to manage for many who haven’t ever worked from home, the challenges can stack up quickly, creating organization problems, sapping productivity, and preventing professionalism. It can be hard to find the balance between work life and home life if you don’t have the right tools.

Fortunately, at Sklar Furnishings we have great pieces and advice for quickly and efficiently converting spaces into home offices, or making a compact and comfortable temporary home office.

Discreet Desks

If you’re trying to convert some space into a home office, the right desk is a great first investment. Smaller and moveable desks are your best option, especially those with flexible shapes that allow them to fit effectively into any room.

The Clarion desk possesses attractive lines and uncomplicated design and has a drawer to help you stay organized. The Island desk demonstrates the power of simplicity, offering a work surface and highly adaptable irregular shape. Finally, the QWERTY desk is a masterpiece of sleek, stylish Italian design that’s compact and functional yet chic.

Complementary Chairs

Seating is crucial for a home office, and whether you’re planning to convert a space daily or to create a permanent home office, the right chair will be a lifesaver. The best chairs should have a small physical footprint and support your body.

Embrace minimalism with the Muvman sit stand chair, a stylish and futuristic way to make your home office flexible and compact. This chair has adjustable height and a tilting base to accommodate your movement and keep you healthy and productive. Similarly, the Swopper chair is a dynamic ergonomic office chair that moves in all directions to keep your core and spine active and engaged—simple aesthetics and a low profile make it attractive and easy to store when unused.

Convertible Consoles

The best thing about these office consoles is that they are aesthetically pleasing, they don’t look like an office. With this being said you can go from working all day to storing your items in your console at night- thus putting away your office. BDI’s Cascadia Console is sleek and compact enough to convert effortlessly between desk and console use. Tonelli’s Server Office Console has a pull-out desktop, plenty of storage, and a pragmatic yet attractive design.

Office Extras

You can enhance functionality and aesthetics with simple yet practical items. The Hatha Table Lamp features a flexible neck to keep your workspace illuminated and prevent eye strain. The BDI Sequel Multifunction Cabinet will allow you to store files, accessories, and even hardware like printers—its sublime design fits seamlessly into any space.

Wonderful Workspaces

Working from your couch or bed seems attractive, but any seasoned veteran of working from home will tell you the shine wears off quickly! Focusing on compact and effective furnishings can make a temporary home office as productive and organized as a workplace office. Quality pieces ensure that home office furniture can convert easily into living furniture.

Want to create your ideal home office? We encourage you to explore all the options we offer and to connect with us virtually.

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