Fabulous Multifunctional Desks

By Sklar Furnishings

Design Inspiration, Tips & Trends

May 1, 2020

As we work our way through surviving the COVID-19 crisis we have found that some people are struggling to stay productive and comfortable when there isn’t enough space to make a home office conversion. What options are there to help with this conversion? Fortunately, we can help you to maximize the potential of existing spaces just by introducing some multifunctional pieces that are flexible, stylish, and beautifully designed!

You can have the best of both worlds, function and style. Once you return to the office, these pieces can stay behind and keep your home stylish, functional, and prepared for anything.

Tonelli’s Transformables

Tonelli’s sharp, multifunctional designs are both imaginative and highly usable. The following Tonelli consoles serve equally well as desks or as side tables.

The minimalist, open and airy Work Box features a sturdy glass body with clean lines, a pull out keyboard shelf for extra functionality, and swivel wheels for easy positioning. The more substantial Penrose features a stylish, mathematically-precise design made from cut slabs of glass that offers a glamorous angular profile.

Pure minimalism, clean lines, glass body, and small footprint make the Opalina an unlikely choice for a working surface, but highly adaptable and gorgeous. The related Scritollo adds functionality in the form of a mirror.

Finally, the Server is a flexible console with plenty of storage and a pull-out desk that converts it into a fully-featured working space in seconds.

End Tables Doing Double Duty

When a console is too large or inflexible for your space, there are many examples of end tables which feature a smaller footprint while still supporting a working environment, and doubling as stylish side tables.

For example, we have the lovely BDI Bink Mobile Media Table, which offers a pleasing rounded design and enough space for work, especially in conjunction with other furniture. The contemporary and chic Lolo Side Table uses a single piece of metal topped with a square wood top to create a stable working surface that works well alone, in pairs, or alongside other furniture.

Noteworthy & Narrow

The following consoles are perfect when placed against a wall, and can double as functional desks when it’s time to work. Narrow dimensions make them a great post-quarantine fit for a hall or foyer.

The Edward Console Desk from Huppe is a great combination of form and function, with a narrow wood top and slender, one piece legs. The Stage Dresser Desk is a multifunctional unit that combines the best of both worlds, saving space while enhancing it.

Flexible & Functional

When you don’t have the space to transform an entire room in your home, you may have to get creative. Fortunately, good design means you never run out of options! The pieces above are all masterful multitaskers, capable of transforming from office furniture to home furniture in the blink of an eye. You can enjoy the best of both worlds!

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